The work and future plans of ‘Vilties centras’

Charitable foundation ‘Vilties centras’ has already been operating for more than ten years. It was established in 1997 (back then the foundation was called ‘Ekklesia’). Foundation’s founder Larisa Cherkaskaja has begun charitable activities already in 1994 after she got financial help from strangers when she was in Germany with her sick grandson. Initially the help consisted of charity – donations of clothing and household items for empoverished people, equipment for hospitals. In 2006 the first charitable canteen was opened, in 2011, after the financial crisis, a second one followed. Each day more than 500 people are given hot meals.

Not only does the foundation provide charity items – it also helps people suffering from addictions rehabilitate. During the course of foundation’s work 47 people have completed rehabilitation courses and successfully reintegrated into society. Legal help is provided for individuals going through a crisis, the foundation’s workers help them get their documents in order, find a place to stay. Every person who comes with a help request is also helped psychologically and spiritually.

The foundation’s workers are united by Christian values – compassion, belief in the good nature of humankind. This encourages us to pursue a common goal – to help those who are empoverished, who face hardships, who are going through a crisis. We try to accept and hear out everybody, to give them hope.

Currently we are striving to expand scope of our activities for the number of struggling and needy people is not decreasing. We are planning to renew the old charitable canteen building on Gardino str. as it is currently too small, the rooms are too damp and cold. We plan to install showers next to the canteen so that the visitors could clean themselves and change their clothes thus keeping the canteen room clean. The crisis center is also to be expanded by establishing a supportive housing facility. We are also going to set up a convenient room for distribution of charity items in which the people who get material support could select the necessary goods more conveniently.

We have a great need for your support for current activities as well as for the planned works (that are intended to begin in 2017). We need all sorts of help – ranging from financial donations to donated furniture, household items and especially the services of construction companies.

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