About us

How we work

Material support:

We distribute domestic appliances, household goods and clothes, provide temporary housing when necessary. We aim to meet the needs of the most vulnerable members of society by providing healthy and nourishing food, essential goods and good lodging conditions.

We provide people who are socially disprivileged or deal with hardships with the conditions necessary for a dignified life and means to satisfy their basic needs.

Psychological help:

Our work is not limited to provision of material support- we redirect those who seek help to relevant institutions, rehabilitation centers; we hear them out and provide spiritual and psychological help.

We know that for someone who faces hardship nonmaterial help is just as important as material support. We give hope to those who come to us and help them change their lives for the better.

Our work

Our work is aimed at helping those who need it most.

We have two charitable canteens in Vilnius, which provide free meals to the most vulnerable members of society – retirees, the temporarily unemployed, socially disadvantaged people. The latter often get different sorts of help after visiting the canteen – they get redirected to institutions that can help them find a job or get rid of addictions.

Crisis management is one of the key areas of the foundation‘s work. Those who need psychological or medical help the most usually do not know where it could be provided to them. For such persons we supply the necessary information, help them get their documents in order, provide legal aid and, if necessary, temporary housing.

The foundation owns hygiene facilities in which the appliers can perform personal hygiene procedures – take a shower, use a washing machine. Not only does this change the way a person looks – it also has a huge impact on their attitude towards self, it allows them to feel as a wholesome member of society again.
Distribution of charity items (ranging from clothes and domestic appliances to Christmas gifts for the children) also constitutes a part of foundation‘s work. People facing temporary economic hardships are also provided with food aid. Help, provided when it‘s needed most, enables people to live with dignity, gives hope and strength to change their lives and brings joy back into their souls.

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